The world’s most powerful twelve-cylinder off-roader is here – the BRABUS G V12 900 ‘ONE OF TEN’!

The BRABUS G V12 900, one of only ten of its kind, has officially been labelled the world’s most powerful twelve-cylinder SUV. This 6.3 litre beast produces a power output of 662 kW/888 bhp and a grand 1,500 Nm of torque. The vehicle boasts a nine-speed automatic transmission and sprints from 0 to 62 mph in a mere 3.8 seconds. With a top speed of 174 mph, it is clear that its scale-tipping weight of 2,660 kilograms certainly does not compromise this model’s performance on the roads.

As with every BRABUS beauty, the G V12 900 captivates not only with its tremendous power, but also with its spectacular WIDESTAR body and hi-tech forged wheels. The BRABUS fender flares, front fascia attachments and naked-carbon features also add to the sporty appearance of this vehicle. The impressive exterior is coupled perfectly with the luxurious interior comprising of fine perforated leather seats and a black Alcantara headliner. Aluminium pedal pads, aluminium door lock pins and illuminated BRABUS LED entrance panels also complete the classic BRABUS look.

Ensuring a perfect combination of high ride quality and safety, the BRABUS G V12 900 ‘ONE OF TEN’ is also equipped with a BRABUS Dynamic Ride Control Suspension tailored specifically to its large axle load, allowing safe and agile handling.

Fifteen years on from the premiere of the first BRABUS G V12 at the Geneva Motor Show 2004 and it is safe to say that the development engineers at BRABUS have excelled themselves once again…

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