The exclusive, high-efficiency BRABUS individualization program for Mercedes-Benz EQS, the luxury all electric sedan. The Mercedes-Benz EQS is one of the most aerodynamic cars in the world already ex-factory.

The BRABUS aerodynamic-enhancement range for the electrically powered Mercedes EQS transfers this tradition to the present time. The bodywork components were given their finishing touches in the wind tunnel and consequently do more than just give the four-door an even more thrilling visual appearance.

Key elements:

  • Dynamic carbon elements such as the striking BRABUS front spoiler, the BRABUS rear diffuser and BRABUS rear spoiler
  • Fitted with the BRABUS SportXtra suspension module, the right height can be reduced at leisure by up to 15 millimeters on the front axle and 25 millimeters on the rear
  • BRABUS Monoblock Z "Platinum Edition" forged wheels and other wheel variants available in various formats
  • EQS gets a 7.2% better Cd value than the standard vehicle
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