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We are delighted to be a part of the BRABUS Classic family and to be able to celebrate the passion and love BRABUS has for the complete restoration of Mercedes-Benz Classics. The BRABUS Classic 6-star restoration combines thousands of hours of labour with more than 40 years of expertise resulting in beautiful dream cars.









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After the completed BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration, Classic Data, the leading experts’ organization for vintage cars, awards the vehicle a grade of A+. In addition, because of the unique quality of the work and its true-to-the-original character, the vehicle is given a supplementary certificate attesting it "new car character." The car is like new – the BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration even surpasses the original delivery condition with regard to the quality of workmanship and rust protection. A classic you can only find in this quality at BRABUS Classic.

Of course, a BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration is in line with the "matching numbers“ principle: The restored vehicle came off the production line at the time with exactly the same engine and transmission that it is equipped with now. This also applies to all other parts and major assemblies. In addition, the paint colour and the colour of the interior plus many more details correspond to the original version.

Grade A+
6 Star Service

The start of any BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration of a Mercedes-Benz classic always is the complete disassembly of the base vehicle in our workshop. All parts are inspected and indexed in the process. Unserviceable parts are discarded. Others that are suitable for reconditioning are returned to new condition by our specialists with utmost care. All missing, damaged or worn out components are replaced with newly manufactured genuine Mercedes parts – from the first to the last bolt. An unparalleled approach in the restoration of vintage cars.

BRABUS as a certified Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner underscores the perfect execution of all work with a warranty that is unique in the entire vintage car industry. All Mercedes classics restored from the ground up in the BRABUS Manufacturer in Bottrop bear the exclusive "BRABUS Classic 6-Star Certified High-Quality Restoration“ label and come with the exemplary two-year BRABUS Classic Warranty* with unlimited miles.

2 Years Warranty
40 Years Experience

The automotive gem is brought back to life with maximum precision and deep devotion: This starts with the chemical removal of all paint. The engine and transmission are thoroughly overhauled, the interior is elaborately restored, the body is given a cataphoretic dip primer coat as can be found on modern production vehicles and then undergoes a comprehensive rust protection treatment before receiving its final paint finish. Once all work steps are completed, the Mercedes classic once again shines in its new old luster.

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