Introducing extra power for your C220d – BRABUS style!

Want to take your C200d to the next level? There’s no better performance kit than the BRABUS PowerXtra D22. With a processor-driven auxiliary control module for the engine control unit, this kit has the ability to significantly boost your vehicle’s performance…

Performance increase:

  • 50 Nm (stock: 400 Nm – 450 Nm)
  • 20 kW/28 hp (stock: 143 kW/194 hp – 163 kW/222 hp)

Top Speed:

  • Saloon: 147 mph (stock: 145 mph)
  • Estate: 144 mph (stock: 142 mph)
  • Coupé: 147 mph (stock: 145 mph)
  • Cabriolet: 144 mph (stock: 141 mph)

Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h:

  • Saloon: 6.7 seconds (stock: 6.9 seconds)
  • Estate: 7.2 seconds (stock: 7.4 seconds)
  • Coupé: 6.9 seconds (stock: 7.3 seconds)
  • Cabriolet: 7.4 seconds (stock: 7.8 seconds)

The BRABUS PowerXtra D22 kit is available now for purchase and fitting from only £2,192.10* at your local Sandown BRABUS retailer. For more information about how to enhance your C-Class with some specialist BRABUS treatment, enquire below using our concierge service.

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