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This luxury four-wheel drive SUV isn’t known as the off-road legend for nothing. Following 40 years of development, the G-Class has become one of the most iconic models in the Mercedes-Benz range. Unparalleled off-road capabilities, improved on-road performance and a pronounced angular silhouette make the G-Class the perfect candidate for additional BRABUS enhancements.
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AMG GT 4 Door


This new addition to the Mercedes-AMG family has surely made an entrance. The four-door GT coupe combines unique design, ultimate comfort, athletic styling and exceptional sports car performance to offer more space, more power and an entirely new driving experience. The systematic introduction of this four-door model ensures that the GT is suitable to meet the needs of the every-day driver, but with additional BRABUS enhancements, also meets the demands of even the ultimate thrill-seeker.
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The C-Class at its very best: the C63. Delivering superb handling and unbelievable sports car performance, the C63 takes the practicality of the C-Class to a brand new level. Alongside its powerful drive, this model also captures with its muscular looks and impressive interior. BRABUS enhancements are the ideal addition to this vehicle to further flaunt that sporty appearance.
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