This luxury four-wheel drive SUV isn’t known as the off-road legend for nothing. Following 40 years of development, the G-Class has become one of the most iconic models in the Mercedes-Benz range. Unparalleled off-road capabilities, improved on-road performance and a pronounced angular silhouette make the G-Class the perfect candidate for additional BRABUS enhancements.


The unmistakeable appearance of the BRABUS WIDESTAR is designed to match its exceptional performance. With 23-inch forged wheels, 4 –inch front and rear fender flares, LED illuminated running boards and illuminated BRABUS logo detailing, the G800 boasts a number of features which set this five-door far apart from the crowd.

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Specialist BRABUS modifications provide this vehicle with an additional 158.2 kW of power and 150Nm torque, meaning the BRABUS 800 WIDESTAR driving performance is considerably exceptional for an off-roader. This supercar has the ability to excel from 0 – 62 mph within a mere 4.1 seconds and has a top speed of 149mph. Impressive for a vehicle of such weight.

The nine-speed automatic transmission can also alternatively be operated manually using the ergonomic BRABUS RACE aluminium paddle shifters located on the steering column.

The installation of the BRABUS stainless steel exhaust system not only optimizes the driving performance of this vehicle, but also features an integrated sound management system allowing the driver to select the subtle ‘Coming Home’ setting, or the thrilling sporty V8 sound in ‘Sport’ mode.

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The most sought after WIDESTAR vehicles feature 23-inch BRABUS Monoblock ‘Platinum Edition’ forged wheels – a remarkable combination of lightweight construction and extraordinary strength.

Available in four different BRABUS designs, these 23-inch wheels are yet another feature of the vehicle that can be customised based on the owner’s individual preferences.

The forged BRABUS Monoblock F ‘BLACK PLATINUM Special Edition’ alloys obtain their name from the high-gloss black paint and ‘BLACK PLATINUM’ badge located on the outer flange.

Providing the owner with additional options, these wheels are compatible with a number of size 305/35 R 23 high-performance tyres supplied by BRABUS technology partners Continental, Pirelli or YOKOHAMA.

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The cockpit of each G800 is fully customized to suit the owner’s preferences as each noble-wood and carbon inlay can be produced in a variety of colours and unique designs.

The BRABUS WIDESTAR features a classy all-leather interior which contrasts beautifully with its black exterior. This soft and breathable BRABUS Mastik leather is finely detailed with intricate perforations and ‘Rising Diamond’ quilting that can be found on the centre seat sections.

The luxurious atmosphere inside the BRABUS is even more prominent at night, as the glass fibre optics embedded within the Starry Sky headliner change colour in sync with the ambient lighting. Gimbaled integrated LED reading lights in the headliner also provide rear passengers with a deluxe experience when in the vehicle.

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  • BRABUS Carbon Package Body
  • BRABUS front spoiler lip
  • BRABUS front fascia attachments
  • BRABUS special radiator grille
  • BRABUS convenience closing system
  • BRABUS rear fascia inserts
  • BRABUS courtesy lighting
  • BRABUS Brand Package Exterior
  • BRABUS hood emblem
  • BRABUS logotype on vehicle sides
  • BRABUS emblem on trunk lid
  • BRABUS logotype on trunk lid


  • Exhaust Systems
  • BRABUS exhaust system with actively controlled flaps
  • Engine (Powerboost)
  • BRABUS rocket 900 increased-displacement engine


  • Wheels
  • BRABUS Monoblock M ceramics-polished wheels 21"
  • Suspensions / Modules
  • BRABUS ride-height lowering module


  • BRABUS fine leather Interior
  • Every supercar is a custom production and tailored to your preferences. Please contact us to compose your personal configuration. For illustrative purposes on this supercar:
  • Special rhomboid quilting, BRABUS Mastik leather in mocha
  • BRABUS Starry Sky
  • BRABUS Interior Package Accessories
  • Aluminum pedal pads
  • Scuff plates
  • BRABUS RACE aluminum paddle shifters
  • Aluminum door-lock pins
  • BRABUS Starry Sky
  • Genuine-carbon trim strips
  • BRABUS Multimedia and Business Equipment
  • Business Package incl. MS Surface Pro i5 tablet


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