Lucky number 13!

The readers of the leading publishers German car magazine ‘Auto Motor Und Sport’ have spoken. BRABUS has officially been voted the best brand in the ‘Tuner’ category for the 13th time!

Receiving 53.6% of the overall vote and surpassing the win of the previous year by almost 15%, it is safe to say that BRABUS is second to none, and without a doubt the world’s largest and best manufacturer-independent automotive tuner.

This award serves as additional proof of BRABUS’ creditable reputation, but most importantly, in the words of CEO Constantin Buschmann, “this award above all confirms that it is not only our customers, but also the discerning car enthusiasts reading car magazines such as Auto Motor Und Sport, who value and reward our constant pursuit of innovation and quality. In addition, this award is a great recognition of the professional job our team delivers. Every single employee helps to shape the BRABUS brand with his or her excellent work. We will do everything in our power to continue to live up to this standard in future as well and to remain the best tuning brand uncontested”.

lucky 13
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