Our friend Mr AMG recently accompanied us on a trip to Germany and filmed an exclusive video demonstrating Brabus’ first upgrade program for the C63 - the Brabus 600 with the “B40” upgrade.

In the video, Roken will explore:

  • Brabus 600 design upgrades
  • Performance numbers
  • Method of upgrade
  • Future cars - Brabus 650 saloon, coupé and estate
  • Interior
  • Brabus 600 valve control exhaust - start up and revs
  • Brabus blow off valve
  • Brabus content up next

Watch now!

This is to be the first in a series of videos Roken is making about the Brabus. The range will include a full Brabus factory tour, another world exclusive with the A35 upgrade and the G800 - based on the G63.

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